WebERP Vehicle Rental Master

Vehicle Rental Management System for ease of records, availability of vehicles for rental, immediately generate Statement of Accounts (SOA), invoices and receipts.
Keep track of all rental history, security, movements of vehicle and total Profit & Loss of vehicle.
Optionally the system can link to SMS Gateway for reminder advice and able to send agreement and contract via Email and Whatsapp.


We kept ourselves awake to deliver our systems in the shortest time possible.


We prefer coffee than beer. But lately, we kinda get a hang on Sake :).


Probably 1 million keystroke is used per project hence we developed muscle.




Web-based Vehicle Rental Master
consist of Vehicle Fleet detail, Vehicle Cost and Maintenance, Quotation, Vehicle Rental Agreement, Invoice, Receipt and Payment.
Transaction Management
Keep track of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Vehicle Rental Collection, EarlyHand Over, Easy agreement creation, invoice, debit and credit notes, receipt and payment
Fleet Management
Vehicle cost and maintenance cost, Hirer Search for LTA fine, Vehicle Expiry control for expiry date of COE, Road Tax, Inspection, Insurance and LayUp.
Quotation Management
The system help to manage and general quotation.
Vehicle Rental Agreement Management
Ease of contract creation with Digital Signature capability and real-time delivery of agreement via Email and Whatsapp.
Rental Invoice Management
Invoice Pending Creation module to ease the invoicing process.
Flexibility on billing management
Allow multiple credit notes and debit notes for billing adjustment.
Documents Management
Allowing to upload all relevant documents to each case correctly.
Instant Print & Email
Print Receipt upon collection and email directly to customer.
Multi-Payment to suppliers' invoices.
Management Reports
Agreement Listing, Ageing Analysis, Rental Listing, Collection Listing, Invoice Listing, Statement of Account, Cn/Dn Listing.
Management Dashboard
Dashboard to show the available vehicles, and current day transactions.

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