Service Master

Designed for small and medium businesses that is accessible any time, anywhere. You can now manage your Customers, Salesperson and or Support saff swiftly and effortlessly with Service Master.
Schedule job tickets for your Support staff to maximise their productivity. System comes with a mini accounting system that is store in the Cloud.

Service Master is highly recommended for business in Aircon Service, Beauty Salon, Cleaning Service, Florist, Laundry, Mover, Learning Centre, Education Centre and more...



We kept ourselves awake to deliver our systems in the shortest time possible.


We prefer coffee than beer. But lately, we kinda get a hang on Sake :).


Probably 1 million keystroke is used per project hence we developed muscle.




Web access lets multiple users securely log in and use over the Internet, wherever you are. Device independent through web interface (e.g., Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

100% customized according to your business need. Designed to be very easy to use for daily operation
Service Order Entry

Record orders easily
Locate customer information in seconds
Manage orders pricing and offered discounts
Generate professional quotes, sales orders and invoices
Compute commission and schedule pay day at the same time
Appointment Management

Calendar view of appointments with location/zone
Schedule appointment date and time quickly
Two clicks away to schedule recurring appointment
Appointment booking status of confirmed/tentatively to follow up
Automatically send SMS to customer prior appointment
Plan daily schedule for drivers/staff easily
Data and Reporting

Daily appointment with service history
Daily cash collection
Salesman/Staff Commission Listing
Ageing analysis
Export data/file as PDF or spreadsheet format

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