WebERP SalesAdmin Master (Inventory)

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An integrated multi module software to manage the retail value chain of sourcing, processing and sales of vehicles. The Vehicle Trade required many features that are unique and specific to the Motor Vehicle trade to manage their Retail operations. There are compliance requirement to IRAS, LTA, Hire Purchase Association and Insurance.
It manages real time processes in a web browser or LAN environment with customise access to various modules. It is also 2FA Ready allowing Users to customise 2FA by Time and Module Access.
It can be deployed as a LAN-Based application in a Local Area Network Access environment for Users who are sensitive to using the internet for access. It also can be deployed as a Cloud-Based application through the internet web access via Mac or Windows Computers, Tablet and Mobile Devices.


We kept ourselves awake to deliver our systems in the shortest time possible.


We prefer coffee than beer. But lately, we kinda get a hang on Sake :).


Probably 1 million keystroke is used per project hence we developed muscle.




Web-based Automotive Industry Inventory Master
The software is supported by a guided workflow and automating many processes from calculation, treatment of costs to preventing pre-mature performance of unauthorised tasks.
Transaction Management
consist of Vehicle Inventory Tracking, Purchase Agreement, Purchase Settlement, Sales Receipt, Sales Agreement, Tax / Sales Invoice, Loan Invoice and Commission Invoice.
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Treatment
GST Auto-Computation for New Vehicles (NEW), Discounted Rate Method (DRS) and Gross Margin Scheme (GMS) for Used Vehicles.
Commission computation
Auto computation for commissions of Broker and Commission Key-in for Salesman, Purchase and Sales Commission.
Invoice Management
Tax Invoice & Sales Invoice to Customer, Loan Invoice to Finance, Commission Invoice to Finance, Debit Note, Credit Note and Other Tax Invoice.
Internal Floor Stock Management
Handling of floor stock calculation and cost.
Vehicle Cost Management
Allow data capture of all vehicle expenses, follow up and make purchase by Multiple Payment module.
CRM Management
The system includes a Customer Relationship System (CRM) specifically for the Vehicle Retail Trade that enable to view Customers details, preference, payment history and transaction activities independently of vehicles and customers.
Account Receivable / Payable
Keep track of payment made by customer or dealer and payment history for stock purchased.
Instant Print
Print Invoice, Receipt and Payment Voucher.
Print Multi-Payment Voucher for Supplier.
Management Report
Purchase / Sales Listing, Vehicle Inventory Listing, Company Profit and Loss for the month, Sales Collection Listing, Sales Invoice Listing, Income Listing

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