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WebERP CaterMaster

Catering system designed for F&B businesses, WebERP CaterMaster enhances core ERP capabilities to meet food-centric needs, and also builds in industry-specific features traditionally found only in third-party ecosystem solutions.
Our goal is to deliver, and continuously enhance, an affordable solution that meets common requirements with minimal customizations.


We kept ourselves awake to deliver our systems in the shortest time possible.


We prefer coffee than beer. But lately, we kinda get a hang on Sake :).


Probably 1 million keystroke is used per project hence we developed muscle.




Web access lets multiple users securely log in and use over the Internet, wherever you are. Device independent through web interface (e.g., Windows, Mac, iPad, Android).

100% customized according to your business need. Designed to be very easy to use for daily operation.

Generate quotation in PDF with professional company header
Pre-set greeting, content and footnote according to event purpose
Order Entry

Order can be created and data pulled from quotation module
Pick menu and edit items easily
Locate existing customer in seconds
Manage pricing, transport fee, offered discounts and deposit collected
Generate professional order form and invoice
Compute salesman commission and schedule pay day in advance
Event Scheduler

Record event purpose, event date, time and venue
Event booking status of confirmed/tentatively to follow up
Calendar view of appointments by venue
Plan daily duty roster for drivers/staff easily
Automatically send SMS to customer prior event
Support to print time stamp sign/food tag/food label
Menu/Equipment Database Management

Create unlimited no. of menu and item
Pre-set equipment list according to event purpose and size
Data and Reporting

Daily event order with equipment list
Operations Duty Roster
Daily cash collection
Yearly sales by salesman
Ageing analysis
Export data/file as PDF or spreadsheet format

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