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What is PEPPOL?
PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is an international standard protocol for Electronic Data Interchange API that enables Buyers and their Suppliers to exchange electronic invoices, procurement documents, and financial transactions over PEPPOL's network.
PEPPOL is commonly used in European Government and Agencies, to simplify the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes between Buyers and their Suppliers.
In January 2019, Singapore had launched the nationwide e-Invoicing network. This is to enable businesses to transact cross-borders seamlessly using PEPPOL standard.
PEPPOL compliance helps to automate and digitize your business invoicing procedure faster, more efficient and reduce time and cost.


How It Work?
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Benefits of InvoiceNow

Reduce Cost
E-Invoices save costs of printing, posting and storing invoices.
Create invoices quickly and accurately, reducing error-prone manual entry, and send them seamlessly to your customers anywhere in the world.
Get Paid Faster
The universal standard in E-Invoicing results in faster invoice processing, validation, and payment times.
Transact Internationally
Send E-Invoices seamlessly to overseas partners.

Source: IMDA

How to On-Board InvoiceNow?

1. Select Peppol Ready Solution Providers
2. Register Peppol account for your business
3. Start Sending And Receiving E-Invoices

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